The Compliance Department

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The Compliance Department was created to provide advisory firms with exactly what you need from your compliance function, when you need it. When we first set up we found a compliance landscape created from the point of view of compliance providers, rather than from the point of view of advisory firms. That meant that many firms felt – and still feel – as though they had to change their ways to suit their compliance, rather than the other way around.

We have a couple of suggested ways of working; Team, Essentials. How we deploy those approaches is unique to every client we work with.

  • With Team you won’t find templates, manuals or many of the usual off-the-shelf documents in your inbox from us. we believe in a personal, bespoke approach. 
  • Essentials is different. it is a light touch do-it-yourself service. it has dual USPs, one is a pragmatic, get-it-done style, and the other is the provision of just essential material, without increasing risk.
  • Like many advisory firms we are a family business. we know what it means to grow such a company and we know how important it is to protect it. we’re here to do that for your firm and, by extension, your family.

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Phone: 01270-303179